Can I burn Brush on my property?

To burn brush or small limbs on your property you need a burning permit. You can obtain a burning permit by calling the town hall at (860) 379-3389. The town hall will give you the number to a burning official on duty. Speak with the burning official to obtain a permit. Permits cost $25

You can not burn; leaves, yard waste, tires, small trailers, pallets, or any other object that does not fit the definition of brush or small limbs. 

Burning without a permit is considered a Class C Misdemeanor. If you burn without a permit or an object that you are not allowed to burn, we will show up and put your fire out.

Click the link below to go to the town burning page

Will the Fire Department pump out the water in my basement?

Yes! We will respond to your home to make the determination if there is sufficient water to be pumped out. In most cases our pumps will NOT work with less then 2 inches of water.

Where should I put smoke detectors and CO detectors in my home?

Smoke detectors should be placed on every level of the house that is considered habitable and in the vicinity of each sleeping area. 

CO detectors need to be installed in locations that are sufficient in warning the occupants of the structure to a CO hazard. In most cases this means having one near the center of the house on each level considered habitable.

My smoke detector is chirping. What do I do?

There is a difference between the smoke detector alarm and the smoke detector chirp. If you are hearing your smoke detector chirp it is a sign of low battery. Change the battery if you have an older model. If you have the new 10 yr lifetime detectors you will need a new detector. 

Do you give out free smoke detectors or CO detectors?

Yes we do! If your detectors are old or you don't have enough for your home we will give you one free of charge!

Why are multiple towns called out during the day to a "simple" call?

Most of the towns around us are also volunteer. During the day most volunteer fire fighters are at their day jobs. To be 100% sure there are enough emergency personnel responding, Litchfield County Dispatch calls out multiple departments even if it may be a "simple" call. This makes sure emergency personnel are always prepared for the worst.